Ice Hockey - 2D

General rules fo the game.

The game is an entertaining mix of Ice Hockey and Billiards. Visual part is like Ice Hockey but mechanical way of strikes is from Billiards. There is One Match option and round Tournament including all teams in this game. The more matches you play the more experience and coins you get. And therefore more boosters you can buy.

How to start a game.

In the beginning you need to chose a Coach for your team. He/She will collect points and earn coins for you in the game.
When your Coach reaches first level you get permission to buy boosters in the game shop. It will help your team to play beter.
You can change the Coach at any time and develop his level.

How to chose your team.

There are 16 great teams of strong , agrressive animals in the game.
Every team has it`s strengths and weaknesses.
Their behaivoir is defferent in the field.
You can chose your team depending on your wishes and idea of Ice Hockey game.
While choseing a team you need to pay attention to their specifications shown on the screen and described in the menu.

How to play in the field.

Mechanics of the game is based on Billiards balls wich can strike, use force and play as a team. You will have to change turns with time limit to make a strike, so the game looks quite real. Strike force is limited by strength circle. If you want to cancel a hit, just move your cursor over the power circle and select another player.

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