Reviews and game development suggestions

Dear friends!
My name is Leonid Vasylenko. I am game developer of Hockey2D 4×4
I will be greateful if you are interested in helping me in co-developing this game.
You can leave your comments and suggestions below.
All interesting suggestions will be included into the game with your name reference. Thank you!

General description of the game concept

This game has been created with Unity 3D

It is still under development. A lot has been done already but not everything.
Initially te game was aimed for Andriod tablets with Google store.
This is a demo version of the game is migration to WebGL so you can try its functionality here.
While the author is an individual developer , he needs your creative remarks and suggestions , and future co-developers for multiplayer realization.

What has been done
1. System has a chioce and change of Coach player.
2. The system records the progress of achievements of each player.
3. The game has a shop where you can use your coins earned in games and with watchig ads (o mobile phones – optionally)buy boosters for your Coach. There are 5 types of boosters in the game.
4. There are 3 modes:
– Single game against computer
– Tournament game against computer
– 2 players on one gadget
This mode might be replaced by multiplayer in the future.
5. There are step by step strike of the hockey puck but with time limit. So it looks like a game in real time. It looks like mix of Hockey and Billiards.
Computer can attack, super strike, use force and resist the attacks of the opponent.
The team progresses along with the Coach skills. Coache`s level depand on matches played, victories, experience and earned coins.
6. All players progress is recorded and saved.
Note: on Android devices it is saved in internal registry. On WebGL it is saved in browser database.